Blue, clear pool bordered by gray concrete. Pergola stretches above with plants wrapped around the columns. Interior kitchen with rustic Italian aesthetic, 3 wooden chairs, cabinets, and a stone countertop. Exterior of house from backyard, two outdoor seating areas attached to house and ivy covering a portion of the walls. Interior shower with rustic stone tiles, metal valve, and a stone niche. Closeup of handle on wooden frame of glass door, railing and plants reflected in door window. Closeup of kitchen island, a rustic wooden block, with fruit on top. Yellow stove behind. Interior of foyer, floor with inset stone circle leading to metal sink. Dog entering large wooden front door. Closeup of door handle of rustic worn metal. Closeup of yellow stove hood with pots hanging underneath. Wall cabinet with textures glass door behind. Closeup of wooden kitchen island piece and antique italian yellow stove behind. Blue pool with pergola above, looking between two potted plants to dwarf orchard behind. Exterior of main entrance, large bush adjacent stretching over arbor above double door. Interior of living room, stacked stone fireplace in corner framed with two large windows behind white drapes. Stairs adjacent to foyer behind a curved archway. Handwashing sink and decorative driftwood flank archway. Wide shot of foyer with staircase in background. Inset stone circle leading to sink with hanging light above. Looking up at hanging lights above kitchen, with exposed wooden ceiling beams behind. Outdoor wooden railing with thin metal baluster. Ivy in background and creeping through bars. Roof of solar panels, with gaps for skylights. Bushes below and blue sky above.

Villa Hedera Helix

The Old World aesthetic of this residence belies one of Persinger Architects’ most advanced sustainable projects. The zero-net energy building is powered by a robust solar energy system. Completely fireproof, the exterior shell is a mixture of styrofoam and concrete to help maintain steady temperature levels without using extra energy. The hydronic heating system supports indoor air quality. The stunning pool incorporates a shelter that shields swimmers from the sun and reduces evaporation to almost nothing. Timeless, Italian-inspired finishes were selected to reflect the home’s setting amongst the oldest chardonnay vines in the Green Valley appellation.