Exterior of resort seating area, lounge chairs overlooking grassy field. Two story modular classroom wing, beige walls with green details and large windows. Exterior of completed cafeteria. showing asphalt and purple lunch tables, clouds and blue sky above. School with curving orange walls and white roofs. Vast windows curve towards main outdoor area. Large redwoods stand behind. Wooden truss inside the barn, geometrically patterned with light fixtures evenly spaced. Row of modular classrooms, with white walls, gray wainscot, and orange details, roof, and awnings. Library building built next to tree, wih yellow paneling walls and gray roofs with orange trim Lagunitas gym with forest and hills in background. Brown two story walls with sectioned red two story entrance.

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A new generation of K-12 school design

For over two decades, Persinger Architects has specialized in creating innovative, flexible, accessible education facilities from the ground up. Whether you’re a small school that needs guidance through a new construction process from start to finish, or a large district juggling multiple modernization projects to enhance health and safety, we have the experience and know-how to bring your building goals to completion.

Our award-winning architecture services encompass more than structure design and build. We can help your lean staff craft a robust and compelling Master Plan and Needs Assessment. We also have solar project planning–and securing the funds for it–down to a science. Contact us today and learn how we can be the foundation for your school project vision.


“Persinger Architects give you personal service. You are not just a number. They answer when you call and they do what they say. Alexis has helped our district immensely.”

– Kelseyville Unified School District Superintendent


Give us your barn, your tasting room, your dream wine cave yearning to breathe free

Though we’re best known for our school design and architecture projects, that’s not our only strength. We execute forward-thinking institutional, commercial, hospitality, and residential projects that minimize maintenance costs and maximize health, safety, and comfort. We won’t ghost you like that big-box firm who promised you the A players but sent their farm team. If you’re finally ready to excavate that wine cave or other custom build that’s been too long on the back burner we’ll guide you through the maze of regulations and resilience considerations. Whatever your constraints, we love a challenge and have plenty of experience helping people finish all kinds of projects on time and within budget. Let’s get started!