Interior of office, polished concrete floors and staircase in center, Interior of Persinger office, large metal conference table with TV behind, metal catwalk above Conference table with white wall behind and catwalk above Office kitchen with black cabinets and chrome appliances and granite countertops View of office upper floor, with metal catwalk and railings leading to mezzanine Upper, outdoor mezzanine over office entrance, with outdoor furniture and umbrellas, and surrounded by planters Office entrance at dusk, with bright office interior seen through large front window Front fiew of the old Persinger Architects headquarters, red tile facade and mezzanine above

Persinger Architects Headquarters

Our office features a modern, open design to create a comfortable and beautiful space, unique to our local city of Sebastopol. Utilizing sustainable and recycled materials, and plenty of natural light, we maintain our standard of eco-friendliness while continuing our commitment to quality design. Our large photovoltaic system makes the building carbon-positive.