Exterior of office building, with large wall of windows and parking lot in front. Entrance to district office, with glass awning, trees, and directory in front. Entrance to district office, with glass awning above door. Trees in front of district office in bloom. Courtyard in front of district office, with curved concrete benches and sections open for trees Interior of district office, with blue accent wall, windows, and cubicals. Interior of district office entrance with tall windows and glass double doors. Landscaping outside district office with flowers against a wall of bushes and grass. Exterior of district office before landscaping, showing extend of large glass windows around front and side of building.

Moreland District Office

Moreland turned to Persinger Architects to design their new District office near San Jose. The Art Deco-inspired exterior and open entry area with quality interior finishes give it a venerable, historic feel. Early in the sustainable design movement, the firm used high ceilings, skylights, and lots of windows to increase natural light and reduce energy costs.