Render of a residential project, with a pool, desk, and garage. Render of outdoor deck option, with seating area and BBQ Render of outdoor deck option, with larger seating area split staircase Front of deck option highlighting bifurcated stairway. Wine cellar area seen beneath deck View of custom wine cellar, curved walls full of slots for wine storage. Granite countertops for serving and displaying Under-deck wine storage with lots of options for storage, looking at back wall with painting above sink area Loft area above garage, with seating and living space Office space above garage, windows bringing in light to white walls and wooden floors New bathroom, with bright white tile and glass shower walls and door

Harris Hills

With an extensive collection of mid-century art and automobiles, windows were limited in this residence to minimize UV light damage and reduce climate control costs. The unique subterranean wine cellar was created using a precast utility vault lined with quality wood shelving, significantly lowering construction costs.