Two story height entrance for resort, orange with barn asthetic Exterior of resort seating area, lounge chairs overlooking grassy field. Small white cottages with metal paneling, flowers outside and neighboring cottages. Stone pathway with quaint white cottages alongside and vegatation between. Pristine interior of cottage bedroom, white sheets and drapes Front of quaint, white cottage, with two bikes and rocking chairs. Cottage at dusk, front porch illuminated in soft yellow, and sunset in background.

Carneros Inn Resort

Persinger Architects was brought in mid-project to complete the work in a 30-day timeframe. Despite being on a small lot, we were able to leverage the specialized zoning to finish the Carneros Inn’s vision for a luxury resort in Napa Valley. The award-winning, Victorian-inspired design blends with the beautiful rural setting, complementing the gorgeous vineyard landscape and neighboring historic barns.